Military Fitness Programme

Aimed solely at muscular endurance and cardiovascular performance.
The programme focuses on mastering the basics in bodyweight movements and increasing overall performance for criteria Military Testing.
The package is broken down week by week into the following format
Expect tailored programming to improve Bleep Test scores, weekly track interval training, 2 WODs a week with minimal to no kit and bodyweight strength training to become efficient and master the basics
The kit requirement for the Programme is:
• 1x kettlebell
• 1x Sandbag
Optional extras include:
• 1x rowing machine
• 1x bike
Access to a swimming pool will also be recommended
To develop the mind and body for the rigors of Military Selection you can only trust those who have been there
As with all our programmes we offer an endless and progressive training cycle, to keep the athlete performing at their best with no limitations.