Marathon Packages

We now offer 3 separate marathon packages, ranging from Level 1 to 3.
Each package has been tested by the team for its accountability. Whether you're a seasoned marathon runner looking to push your limits or a beginner eager to embark on your first marathon, we have the perfect package tailored for you.
Created by one of our new members to the team, Eddy, who brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the sport and holds numerous gold medals in ultra marathon events.
Catering to participants of varying capabilities, we offer three distinct packages.
Broken down into one-time purchase packages, the programmes are moved into three, 16-week periods ranging from Level One to Three.
Each Package is a PDF Digital Download. Once downloaded it will be available on your smart device. 
• Level One:
A 16-week block aiming for a sub 3 Hour Marathon (2hr40/2hr50)
• Level Two: 16-week block arming for a 3-hour + marathon (3hr/3hr30)

• Level Three: 16-week block aiming for a 4 Hour Marathon (3hr30/4hr)